Striker Flag - Red and Gold

Striker Flag - Red and Gold

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The Striker is characterized by the weapon, the tool which is an extension of his own nature. The Striker represents man himself as a weapon, a tool for creating, maintaining, and expanding the perimeter of sacred order.

The Striker, as a god or perfected ideal, is the Platonic form of a warrior. He is not any one warrior, but what we mean when we say warrior.

The name “The Striker” is the rough English equivalent of what is believed to be the earliest Indo-European name of the god who champions order in the name of The Father. Linguists and comparative mythologists have reconstructed the name Perkwunos for the thundering warrior god of the Proto-Indo-Europeans, based on surviving evidence in other languages and a proposed *PIE root, *per-, which meant “to strike” and/or was associated with the oak tree (*pérkʷus). Lightning tends to strike oaks more frequently than other trees, and the two concepts have been associated for a very long time.

About the “Solar Thunderbolt”

The original symbol I’ve developed to represent The Striker represents two crossed thunder weapons, meant to evoke both Zeus’ keraunos and Indra’s vajra. They extend outward like spear points from the ordered center — the sun, the fire, the sacred point of orientation from which all hierarchies of values emanate. The sharpened tips of the thunderbolts face the perimeter to champion order, driven by the primal and eternal masculine virtues of strength, courage, mastery and honor. This is an insignia of warriors and heroes, of men who summon their own might to overcome physical challenges and physical chaos.

The solar thunderbolt calls forth the gods and heroes who “kill monsters.” It represents the animating force of Thor’s thundering hammer, the sharp precision of Apollo’s far-reaching arrows, the brutal power of Herakles’ club, and the throwing spears of men who fought in chariots. The solar thunderbolt is the sacred missile, the battle axe, the musket ball, the buckshot, and the bullet — and in its most primitive form, the striking fist. The symbol of The Striker is the answer to the question, “or else what?”

Flags measure approximately 34" x 56,"  or 86 cm x 142 cm.

• 100% polyester
• Knitted fabric
• Fabric weight: 4.42 oz/yd² (150 g/m²)
• Print on one side
• Blank reverse side
• 2 iron grommets
• Blank product components sourced from China and Israel

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