STAY SOLAR RTA Patch 2x3 Dark Brown

STAY SOLAR RTA Patch 2x3 Dark Brown

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2"x3" Stay Solar Ṛta ऋत Embroidered Patch in Brown and Old Gold. 

This is a sew-on patch perfect for BJJ gis, bags, and outdoor gear.

ऋत (Ṛta) is a Sanskrit word with Proto-Indo-European roots. It's one of the most important words in the Rig Veda with many meanings, but it is most widely associated with the concept of cosmic order, law, and truth.

Ṛta is pronounced roughly like "rita," with a slightly trilled "r" and short i and short a.

Ṛta expresses a reverence for order and truth and serves as a reminder to create and maintain order in our minds and our lives in the world around us.

Ṛta is harmonious in meaning with the slogan "Stay Solar."

Stay Solar

Become and remain the visionary creator in your world, the source of order amid chaos and darkness. Be the positive source light of truth, the nourishing warmth, and the center of gravity that draws people into your orbit. Be the man who people look up to.

Whatever you move through the universe...Stay Solar.

Read the full essay here or learn more in the book Fire in the Dark.